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Living with wind under his wings

When Lars Mach made his hobby a profession, he had trained as an air force officer and studied energy economics at university. From there he started for the wide world as technical advisor on wind energy at the United Nations, which launched the Regional Baltic Wind Energy Programme upon his initiative.

Following wind monitoring and grid studies, he developed a wind farm project of 24 Megawatt that he sold to a Russian investor. Next to this, Lars worked as negotiator for wind farm acquisitions for the management of a Canadian income fund. Thereafter he organised tendering for wind turbine purchases of a French real estate group’s daughter company.

In 2006, Lars decided to launch the development of huge gearless wind turbines of several Megawatt and acquired technology from a British university for this purpose; the resulting company has developed and built the world's largest ring generator for a multi-Megawatt turbine. Thanks to segmented framework design the machine is lighter than comparable turbines' drive trains, featuring passive air-cooling and manually replaceable winding modules and magnets.

Let it be questions on commercial, technical or general aspects – the my!WIND founder’s interest in wind energy is far deeper than just occupational…

Lars Mach (on the left, behind Super 8 mm camera)
3 MW GROWIAN (Northern Germany 1985)
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