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Imagine, you write a book!

You sit down and put your ideas on paper. What you get is text – words describing what you had in mind. It will be complete and with correct syntax, but will it be elegant?  Well, everybody can write and obey rules of grammar. However, not even famous authors can write books right out of their heads. They need a lot of thinking in order to convert phrases into lyrics. The more thinking, the more pleasure when reading!

In engineering, quality is achieved by design! - You can improve production process or choose different suppliers, but that will not make up for bad design. Our passion for engineering, the interest in details and our efforts for elegant rather than complicated designs can be seen in a my!WIND turbine!

Lars Mach, Founder of my!WIND Ltd

Lars Mach with 30 kW experimental generator
(Photo by Tiit Veermäe)
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