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Documents for download
Documents below are in PDF format and available for download; files open through clicking on them (PDF reader will open) or they can be downloaded (press right mouse button, choose a 'save' option in context menu).
Detailed specification of the my!WIND 5
5 kW wind turbine specification ENG Rev02 20131001.pdf
Static stability calculations for self-supporting and guy-wired mast versions of the my!WIND 5
5 kW wind turbine static specification of guy-wired 18 metre mast ENG Rev00 20130526.pdf
5 kW wind turbine static specification self-supporting 10 metre mast ENG Rev02 20130418.pdf
5 kW wind turbine static specification self-supporting 16 metre mast ENG Rev00 20140331.pdf
Noise emission
5 kW wind turbine noise emission ENG Rev00 20130524.pdf
Site planning guidance
5 kW wind turbine site planning ENG Rev00 20130509.pdf
5 kW Wind Turbine connection cables ENG Rev01 20140825.pdf
Exhibition video - gin-pole installation demo
NewEnergy_HD.mpeg (188 Megabyte)
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