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Small wind turbine my!WIND 5 kW

Our 5 kW model is designed for residential and small commercial consumers.

Rated power   5 kilowatt at 11 m/s
Cut-in wind speed   2.5 m/s
Rotor diameter   6 m
Rotor area   28.3 m²
Towers   Steel tube, self-supported or guy-wired
Tower height   10 an 18 m guy-wired or 10 and 16 m self-supported
Rotor position   Downwind (turning on rear side)
Power control   Blade pitch (mechanical)
Second brake (back-up)   Electrical
Rotational speed   230 rpm
Design class   Wind class II (according to IEC 61400-2)
Price   Upon request
Specifications   -  Gearless ring generator, wear-free
-  Cogging-free generator for soft start
-  Nacelle aerodynamically optimised for generator cooling
-  Wide blade roots for better starting behaviour
-  Windings completely embedded in protective resin
-  All bearings in pairs for even load distribution
-  Easy erection with winch and gin-pole

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