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my!WIND ring generator

Gearless and specially powerful!

The my!WIND ring generator comes with an enormous diameter in order to convert wind power into electricity, and all without complicated gear box: Our generator is directly driven by rotor hub!
Our machine's very large surface area allows very effective cooling by ambient air.

All stator windings are entirely embedded in a ring of resin, and each support frame is made from one piece - no welding seams or flanges: Our ring generator is made for long life time!

The three-phase synchronous machine reaches high voltage even from low rotational speeds in order to operate with state-of-the-art power converters.

If needed, our ring generator acts like a giant brake; the rotor can easily be held even during malefunctions of the aerodynamic blade pitch brake: The generator's large diameter provides extra safety thanks to its enormous torque!

my!WIND ring generator

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