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my!WIND Blade Pitch

Aerodynamic main brake

A my!WIND brakes easily with its rotor!

Our my!WIND micro-turbine brakes in the same way a big wind turbine does - by pitching its rotor blades out of the wind in order to limit rotor speed. This works automatically whenever rated wind speed is reached, whereby the generator produces full power.

my!WIND turbines operate with a passive blade pitch mechanism. Triggered by centrifugal forces, all blades are turned out of the wind both synchronously and progressively - and automatically back in when wind slows down. Synchronisation prevents dynamic unbalance due to differently pitched rotor blades.

Each rotor blade is held by two individual bearings for extra long life time; both bearings are sealed and maintenance free.

For safety, all my!WIND turbines have got a separate generator brake.

Assembly of my!WIND pitch mechanism

Blade holder with two individual bearings inside
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