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my!WIND in friendly neighbourhood

Technology is a plain sailing...
...however, what can best equipment do, if nobody is around to take care?

my!WIND develops and manufactures in Estonia

Being an attractive holiday destination, we are too far away to ensure serious local service. Consequently, we are currently setting up a distribution network.

Thereby, qualified partners will manage regional supply and co-operate with carefully selected local companies.
Our partners shall receive territories with exclusivity, in order to guarantee correct installation and troublefree operation of our wind turbine generators.
In isolated areas, we will also operate directly with certified local master craftsman firms.

Currently, we are dealing with first my!WIND installations together with partners in Germany and Ghana; regular sales to customers are expected to start during 2012. Interested clients will be able to take a look at our machines locally in inform themselves thoroughly before buying. Our local partners will be trained to evaluate installation sites and give support in permitting procedures.
You are interested in becoming our service partner?
We prefer local businesses with qualifications in at least one field such as electrical installations, construction or (farm) machines; if your commercial activities correspond with these, then we would like encouraging you to get in touch with us: Emailing my!WIND

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