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From Accra to Tartu via Newcastle

The idea to launch my!WIND dates back to a discussion with the Ghanaian Minister of Land in 2008. Rural school buildings were supplied by small European wind turbines; however, these had been expensive. Private individuals told about the same trouble when they had been interested in such products, but “could have spent the turbine price on diesel fuel that would last for the rest of life”, as one Estonian criticised.

Concepts were developed out of the idea. How should such turbine be designed? What sort of rotor blades will be best? How can safety technologies of large wind turbines be implemented?

In 2010, a great deal of information had been gathered and production techniques of sensitive components were tested. Prof. Ed Spooner, who had worked for a leading manufacturer of small turbines in the UK, gave a lot of input on the design of the ring generator and its yaw system. First design drafts of the machine have been completed in summer, so Renewable Energy Group Ltd (REG) from Tartu decided to found my!WIND in autumn 2010 and made an investment jointly with other partners.
Hence, main shareholder REG owns my!WIND together with the Estonian Development Fund and private investors.

School building with small wind turbine
Ghana, July 2009

Ott Pabut at generator testing
(High speed experiment)
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